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BOSS KNOB presents M.t.w.g.b.

Boss Knob performs a lounge classic with extra fuzz...

About Boss Knob

A Boss Opportunity Knocks


We are truly blessed that you have squandered a perfectly good Saturday afternoon and are surfing to our website today!  We invite you to look, listen,  and book the Next Big Thing in smokey organ-fired jam n' slam booty break music.

Words About Music

Danny "Hassan" Moynahan

Vintage lounge music that's astoundingly thick with classic jazzy organ meat.  Funky guitar and bass grooves that tastily recall the newly familiar.  Succulent flat-earth rhythms that juice-up the desiccated desert trekker.  It's your turn to turn the knob on.  Which knob?  Boss Knob.  

Knob Philosophy


On nearly every door, there is always, mostly, a knob.  So turn that Knob up!  Proudly based in Long Beach, CA Boss Knob was birthed at Rebel Bite, recorded at the Beehive in Mar Vista, and starred in the viral video "Farewell to Cheyenne." We add just a slice of tasty queso to our music, with a dollop of swingin' sour cream.  All of our hits are destined to go plastic, and you can say you knew us when we were knobbodies.

Boss Knob : Farewell to Cheyenne

Boss Knob performs Ennio Morricone's classic from "Once Upon A Time In The West."

Introducing The Boss Knob

Listen to a couple of our latest tunes!


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